Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to root your samsung galaxy 5/Europa(I5500/I5503)

Lets root
No need of reading more information, how to guides, blah.... just read below
Search market for an application named Universal Androot and install it. For immediate downloadyou can get it from

After installation, just open up the app and click on install button. Do not forget to check Install from 3rd party providers in the Settings>>Applications>>Unknown sources click on check box.

Hit the Install buton and prepare to rule your device, This works for all android handsets. You can also download an application to check daily when you have root access and when not(please unroot the phone when not needed or you may incur damages, remember the bricking stuff) Download "Root Checker
Bingo! Its superuser access now and verified

Do you need to root or not?
I am writing about rooting only for those geeks who want to exploit the full potential of their cheapest smartphone. Often during a search on android market, you'd come across the term "Application requires root acccess" and if you do not want to install such applications, then there's no need of rooting. Many android developers will rob you of money by giving apps such as ROOTme or something. But don't waste money on all those paid crap, when you can simply do the thing for free.

What's difference between a rooted phone and stock one?
To get an idea of benifits of rooting, I can tell that with  rooted phone, you can capture screenshots(without PrntScrn button), tether/browse internet on your phone with laptop or pc(requires nmo additional software such as samsung kies), and most important play games and use apps without any annoying ads and for very very freak people, you can also flash custom ROMs and backup your own proprietary ROM given by samsung.

What the hell is rooting?
Literally rooting is getting to the deep down core of your device(as if roots of trees penetrate deep). In terms of geeks, it's nothing but gaining super user controls to your device. Super user means that you can make your horse-cart as fast as a porche OR if you misuse, you can convert a running man into stone(bricked).

Root access is equivalent to SuperUser of Linux and Administrator of windows.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work anymore..please update the page and find something else !!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone help because when you click on root it says: "Failed! No ~~~Fu goo~~~"

Anonymous said...

It only works with android 2.1 and fails if using 2.2 you need another program to be able to do it

bhavya kamboj said...

ok i'll search some other solution and post soon

Feonacy Tyson said...

Your writers are enormously large.
learn how to root your android tablet and phone

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate thing is the Androot apk will NOT install on the G5 with Eclaire 2.1.

I've been looking into this for days and just can't find anything.

Lê Anh Đức said...

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs updated here !