Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to take screenshots of your phone using drocap2

Whether it's a technical problem or sharing my downloaded games and apps with friends, I take screenshots and post them to blogs, chat etc.

First of all, please make it very clear that your phone must be rooted. I had written a post here about rooting. So once you are rooted, download Drocap2 from the market.

 Now install it, and after you're done, open the app. Drocap2 gives dark bluish screenshots on galaxy 5, so that shouldn't make much a difference. Press the menu button(1st button on top left) of your galaxy 5, it'll show you Prefs and Info. Press prefs. to open preferences, here you can choose the capture trigger type, the folder, file format, filename prefix etc. All these have been explained in the screenshots below. Happy screen capturing

Using drocap notification trigger
A view of preferences in the main menu

Drocap2 choose how will you get
screenshots, by shaking,
 timer or notification
select the picture format for
your phone
either jpeg or png

add prefix such as SG5-xxxx
to all your screenshots
choosing folder can be very helpful especially
when you have too many screenshots

A display of how notification trigger
actually works. You have to just slide
the panel, click on drocap2 icon and
screen will be captured soon
for the first time dorcap2 will
ask for superuser access

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