Hello and welcome to non-official site for samsung galaxy 5 smartphone. Maybe you have purchased this handset, or you're going to purchase this, or just sighing that had i purchased it!!

But in any case, this site will help you a lot in learning a lot about this smartphone or also termed as ^Corby with Brains^

And to introduce myself, I am student and I bought a galaxy 5 handset on 11 October 2010. Since then I have fully exploited the potential of this entry level smartphone and now I am here to share my experience.

Probably you must have searched a lot about "galaxy 5" and use to receive results about "galaxy S" handset. This makes me too feel very disappointed as I could not afford buying a samsung galaxy S which costs about Rs 28000 in India. So I bought this handset for Rs 9200 from money I got from my insurance(sorry dad). But still I admit that it wasn't a mistake and I fully enjoyed the journey into the world of android. I even took some serious experiments and bricked my phone. Then I had to return the handset to samsung service center at chandigarh(oops), but I enjoyed that.

So this site is your guide to using this phone knowing its LIMITATIONS, and without facing any troubles. So my motive is to benefit all of you guys.

Please share your experience and feel free to have a talk with me at twitter.com/bhavyakamboj and facebook.com/bhavyakamboj

If you find anything useful about android or anything, do share with the community.

Remember its a community blog for all users of Galaxy 5/Europa(I5500/I5503)

So enjoy android and your smartphone.

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andromeda said...

Nice work. Consolidating everything and presenting it in a very good way. I'm impressed.