Friday, February 25, 2011

This blog must go on

Thank you everyone for visiting this site once, twice or thrice. I am sorry for not having written much till now as there was no free time.

But I am quite surprized to see the response from your side.
I am showing the current stats as I get in my blogger account. So all of you who have visited this site, over 50% are still using windows, and most popular browsers are firefox and chrome which is nothing much unknown.

Below is the description of the audience from around the world. I am happy to see that this blog is being watched globally and increasing in terms of readership. Do subscribe to the latest posts.

Well If you would like me to write more stuff, please leave a comment saying yes, do write
Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Yes, count me in. Just keep blogging dude

Anonymous said...

I fully support this blog! i own a Galaxy 5 too. Keep up the good work man, people need this. Was thinking you could add more posts on useful apps and stuff tho