Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Andoid versus other platforms

Why an android phone, why not symbian, iphone or windows smartphone?
Well everyone is the final authority for judgement. So I cannot impose that BUY AN ANDROID PHONE. But as far as I've seen, it is the least wrong choice. Of course there could be many platforms like Symbian, iOS, Meego, BADA, JAVA or Windows Mobile, but according to me, Android is the best.

Symbian is old and handicapped, and all mobile phone manufacturers are trying to leave it. Even Nokia, the main promoter of symbian is looking to collaborate with microsoft. So please don't get stuck with a Symbian phone.

Well if you have a low cost phone in your hand and its working fine, know it for certain that it runs on JAVA. It is a great platform but limited for development. It CANNOT support the youtube-savvy and live twitter loving community. Its like a lame man, who you can't handle a relay in the race.

I don't own an iPhone but as far as I have read and understood, it is a very proprietary, money draining platform. And closed too. You can't easily own an IPhone(atleast in India) and can't be a developer that easy. It may be great but not for me.

BADA and MeeGo
They are upcoming platforms and will take time to develop, just like infants. By the time they get the age of Android, it would've already become stronger.

Windows Mobile
I don't like microsoft for their narrow mindedness. And their high priced softwares that would cost me as much as my whole year college fees!! So to get stuck with them with windows mobile, windows phone 7 or whatever is a definitely NO. Its a rude old man, not willing to retire and give up its wealth of knowledge to the world in charity. It must now retire.

Yes its the last and safest option. And I take it to be the best. Why, because first its backed up by google, and second I can too become an android developer. So the phone I have doesn't appear to me a small device to make calls and read messages, but its a computer fitted into a my pocket. I can run linux terminal, take screenshots, overclock, create my own code and much more. I'll prefer android. Android is free, open source and highly applauded worldwide.

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